Blackberry No Churn Icecream

When I went foraging for Brambles around our beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds countryside, it was a balmy late Summer's evening. Ice Cream I thought to myself, that will be a perfect use for my brambles. However, such are the joys of the British summertime, that as I write, it hasn’t stopped raining all day and feels decidedly Autumnal. Despite it not being ice cream weather today, this recipe makes tasty use of the yearly free bounty in our hedgerows. So, I do hope that you will embrace this seasonal gem, whether we’re melting in a heatwave or digging out the wellies.

My tasty Blackberry Ripple Ice Cream is inspired by a recipe featured in a 1960’s bestselling Hamlyn Cookbook, edited and compiled by a very young Mary Berry. I did a talk a couple of years ago in Boston and this book was part of my display. One of the lady’s present was overjoyed to be reunited with the Ice Cream recipe within. She had lost it some years ago and it was her daughters’ favourite when growing up. Said daughter was about to celebrate her 50th Birthday and her Mum was delighted to be able to make this childhood favourite for her as a surprise. I love sharing my collection of books with community groups and this is a lovely example of just how powerful food memories can be and the importance of preserving these old recipes and cookbooks.

This ice cream is far quicker and easier to make than a custard-based ice-cream and the inclusion of condensed milk avoids the need for churning or any special equipment. It is quite rich, so you don’t need a very big portion and I find it is best served sandwiched between wafers (as shown) or on a cone, it does need something with a bit of texture with it. It melts very quickly, therefore remove it from the freezer and serve it and most importantly eat it as quickly as possible. You can adapt this recipe to use whatever soft fruit is in season or needs using up, just adjust the amount of sweetness needed and flavour of jam accordingly.

Blackberry Ripple Ice-cream


·        300g Blackberries.

·        4 Heaped TBSP Blackberry Jam (or any flavour compatible jam of your choice).

·        600ml Double Cream.

·        397g Tin Condensed Milk.


·        Blitz Blackberries and Jam in a Blender/Liquidiser and sieve into a bowl.

·        Whisk the double cream and condensed milk together until stiff peaks form.

·        Fold the sieved puree through the cream mixture to give a ripple effect.

·        Pour into a freezer proof container with a lid.

·        Freeze until firm.

·        Serve sandwiched in wafers or scooped onto a cone.

Sadie Hirst is an avid collector of old recipes and cookbooks and is passionate about preserving our shared culinary heritage. She has worked with many organisations, including Heritage Lincolnshire and LCC as a GROW course Tutor with her talks, demonstrations and workshops on food history and historical cookery. For further information please visit or to contact Sadie email Follow on Twitter Sadie Hirst@sadiemhirst Instagram Sadie Hirst@sadiehirst



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